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President Advisory Boards
Director of the Chairman Advisory Boards: Ing. Salvatore Impellizzeri

Ing. Salvatore Impellizzeri

In order to move along Oasi’s original mission, the President Advisory Boards support strategic functions of the Institute and promote specific coordination measures. The Boards are outcome-oriented and flexible enough in dealing with specific tasks, processes and instrument application; moreover, they boast highly qualified professionals in the field of corporate organization and management.

The Advisory Boards are independent, self-funded corporate facilities. Based on the complexity of activities and the human and financial resources available, the Advisory Boards function either as a group or taking advantage of the expertise of executive professionals and coordinators.

The Advisory Boards are managed and coordinated by an executive director, appointed by the President of the Association. The Boards’ functions can be also coordinated by a self-employed professional or other collaborators.

The Director is a member of the Steering Committee.

Activities of the President Advisory Boards:

Strategic planning and Auditing

Developing and managing specific auditing instruments and competences with the aim of planning, checking, auditing, and ensuring an effective management of the Institute’s resources.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department deals with staff administration in collaboration with the other Departments.

Information Technology Systems (ITS)

The ITS section deals with the functioning and operational aspects of information technology systems. Supported by the Administration and Financial Department, it plans advanced strategies and activities to satisfy technological requirements of the Institute.

Continuing Medical Education

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Public Relations Office (U.R.P.)

The Public Relations Office allows people to find out about general information, healthcare services provided, and admission information.

The Office also deals with:

-         transparent administration;

-         patient’s right to access any documents relating to his/her health condition; provision of relevant information;

-         customer satisfaction level analysis relating to healthcare services provided;

-         facilitating multi-level communication and consistent updating of information about services for patients and their families.




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