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Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

“Oasi Maria SS.” Institute is a non-profit, independent, healthcare and research organization based in Troina (EN), Sicily, Italy, committed to the provision of essential and appropriate healthcare services that build upon a tradition of clinical innovation, biomedical research, medical education, abiding by the national and regional health plans and their relevant objectives. It is also committed to provide excellent clinical and research services, facilitated and equity-based access for all citizens, consistently with Local Health Authorities regulations, attraction and enhancement of relationships with the most well-qualified, accomplished and respected physicians, scientists, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff, as well as voluntary associations, with the aim of optimizing available resources and fostering responsive and compassionate care.

The Strategic Planning of Oasi Institute is forged on the principles of program development, review and control procedures, budgeting and yearly net profits that can be reinvested back into the institution. The Strategic Mission of Oasi Institute refers to the “Assurance of quality, effective, efficient and sound performances in providing healthcare services and safeguarding citizens’ health through essential and balanced levels of assistance, as established by the D.P.C.M. November 29, 2001 Act and by the Health Regional Council Act (Prot. Uff.Spec./n. 142, February 25, 2002); these Acts are being integrated with other interventions, as jointly established in collaboration with local authorities, including healthcare-related fees for relevant social expenditure, as indicated in the guidelines of the Health and Social Plan, law n. 328/2000, approved under the Resolution G.R.G. n. 305/2002, with the global aim of assuring organizational and managing procedures that abide by the objectives, as established by the (Sicilian) Region”.

The Strategic Vision of Oasi Institute includes the “Enhancement of significant relationships within and outside the facility, in order to increase the existing share capital and foster the provision of healthcare services, in the vision of equity access opportunities and continuing improvements in outcomes and results; to recognize and enhance the value of health professionals, their integrity and commitment to the provision of services of excellence, abiding by the founding principles of the Institute”.

Oasi Institute priorities:

  • effective management (efficient leadership), as measured by the attainment of objectives as planned and established, in other words, the ratio objectives/results; outcome evaluation;
  • performance-based management, that is the capability of meeting patients’ needs;
  • productive and technical effectiveness, as measured by the appropriate and rational use of production factors: hence, efficient provision of healthcare services for an outcome level not lesser than that obtained from the appropriate use of human, technological and instrumental resources, or from the use of a number of inputs not exceeding the ones required;
  • managerial or behavioural effectiveness, to be accomplished by means of a cautious handling of available resources, minimization of costs and appropriate combination of costs and revenues;
  • affordable services;
  • empowerment of Directors of Medical Departments for the government of medical Units;
  • organizational flexibility, as defined by health, social and cultural needs of citizens/patients;
  • rewarding, involving, gratifying and empowering the health staff on corporate objectives and scopes, by facilitating across-level communication, team work, and group identity;
  • focusing on development and monitoring of managerial processes, consistent improvement of performances based on efficacy, quality and effectiveness, as established by the Regional Council Decree as of June 17, 2002 n. 890;
  • sensitive and open attitude towards civil society and political, social and economic institutions.

 In order to conform Oasi Institute performances to the principles of efficiency and effectiveness, a number of specific branches of activities can be transferred to third parties, provided that they are not institutional health activities; moreover, Oasi can take advantage of external counseling or external professional services in its fields of competence.

Within the regulatory framework of activities, Oasi Institute can undertake associative and corporate initiatives for the achievement of its objectives. Moreover, Oasi Institute can also undertake real estate and financial investments, participate in companies, consortiums and associations – even temporarily – with public or private entities, within the regulatory framework as established in its by-laws.

The founding Values of Oasi activities, as abiding by the specific laws regulating the Italian Research Institutes as well as the Regional and National Health Programs, have to orient and guide the health staff goals, choices and actions, in order for them to conform to the institutional Mission, and namely:

  • study and research on congenital and acquired causes of intellectual disabilities and diseases of the elderly age, associated genetic diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease and comorbid disorders deriving from complicating conditions;
  • prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, through in-patient and out-patient services addressed to persons with intellectual disabilities, diseases typical of the elderly age and comorbid disorders;
  • information, education and support to patients’ families;
  • translational research for the immediate transfer of findings into the clinical practice as well as the organizational arrangement;
  • provision of technical and operational support to Regional Local Health Authorities or supra-national health authorities in the performance of their duties and development of regional, national and European health plans;
  • development and implementation – in collaboration with local bodies, provinces, municipalities, health authorities, universities – of continuing educational programs for refreshment and update of health staff;
  • research and clinical programs as defined by the National or Regional Health Plan based on Oasi expertise;
  • any other measure that can be of help to patients, even if not expressly indicated in the Regulations;
  • adhering to networking scientific activities within the framework of pathologies of Oasi Institute;
  • internationalization of research.

Research activities of Oasi Institute have to be consistent with the accreditation specifications as defined by the Ministry of Health, always conjugating experimental and clinical research.

Research principles:

  • research findings have to be validated and immediately transferable to prevention, diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation and palliative methods;
  • formulating and disseminating diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation protocols;
  • transfer of results into the clinical practice, after evaluating their effectiveness on large samples;
  • staff continuing education.

Oasi activities are shaped on the principles of efficiency, appropriateness, effectiveness, equity, competence and appropriate use of available resources. Principles of transparency have always made Oasi accountable for commitments and instruments employed.

Additional performance principles of Oasi:

  • respect for human dignity, equity and ethical attitudes of health professionals;
  • abiding by the art. 32 of the Italian Constitutional Law, ethical values, equity and professional deontology;
  • easy access to facilities;
  • person-oriented and need-oriented approach;
  • continuous quality, ethical attitude and affordability of services provided;
  • continuous improvement of services provided;
  • appropriate clinical and management performances;
  • appropriate use of internal resources, professional integration and staff empowerment;
  • equal opportunities in selection, promotion and development of human resources;
  • organizational flexibility.


Associazione Oasi Maria SS. Onlus D.P.R. 471 DEL 24-06-1974
Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico per lo studio del Ritardo Mentale e dell’Involuzione Cerebrale
(Decreti Interministeriali del 9-2-1988, dell’8-2-1993 e del Ministero della Salute del 5-9-2006)

Via Conte Ruggero 73 - 94018 TROINA (EN)
Phone. +39 0935-936111 - Fax: +39 0935-653327