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Unit of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Unit of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Unit of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation provides a continuum of comprehensive services to assist patients with neurological diseases, congenital and acquired motor pathologies.

The rehabilitation program is mainly addressed to the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy and other encephalopathies, genetic diseases with movement disorders, severe brain injury in children, spasticity. Individualized treatment plans are based on the patient's goals, condition and ability to function. A team of experts with specialties in a variety of fields carry out treatment plans. Interventions are provided with a multi-professional and interdisciplinary approach. Our highly qualified and experienced team strives for excellence in the delivery of their services. Individualized patient and family-centred care is a focus and family is considered part of the rehabilitation team.  The constant professional updating of the group of rehabilitators, along with the experience gained over the years, ensure a highly-qualified service to the patient and his/her family.


Dr. Maria Bianco 

Dott.ssa Maria Bianco


Medical team

Francesco Claudio La Barbera 
Ilaria Maria Anna Cardillo 

Physiotherapists / rehabilitation therapists

Itria Maria Patrizia Galiano (coordinator)
Silvana Cutaia
Silvana D’Amico
Anna Rita Fazio
Gianluca Fiscella
Felice Maida
Maria Giacoma Pappalardo
Valeria Concetta Saitta
Maria Concetta Scavone
Grazia Siciliano
Francesco Zitelli

Psychomotor therapists
Cinzia Fulco 
Maria Concetta Scannella

Giuseppe Garigliano
Veronica Giuseppina Russo

CONTACTS Location Domus Mariae building – Floor II (Elevator B)
Phone +39 0935 936274 - +39 0935 936276 
E-MAIL Director:
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Associazione Oasi Maria SS. Onlus D.P.R. 471 DEL 24-06-1974
Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico per lo studio del Ritardo Mentale e dell’Involuzione Cerebrale
(Decreti Interministeriali del 9-2-1988, dell’8-2-1993 e del Ministero della Salute del 5-9-2006)

Via Conte Ruggero 73 - 94018 TROINA (EN)
Phone. +39 0935-936111 - Fax: +39 0935-653327