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Citizens are usually required to copay for out-patient healthcare services and instrumental diagnostics, within the criteria established by the Essential Levels of Care (LEA).

Several citizens, however, are entitled to benefit from copayment exemptions, based either on Medical Exemption Certificates issued by the Local Health Authority, or low-income self-claiming.


Pathology-dependent: patients suffering from chronic disabling conditions are entitled to exemption, as specifically provided for in the Ministerial Decrees 329/99 and 296/01.

Rare diseases: patients suffering from rare diseases, as specifically provided for in the Ministerial Decree 279/01.

Disabling conditions: it refers to various types of disabilities that are exempt from copayment.

Income-dependent: low-income citizens who meet the financial limits are eligible for exemption.

For an overview of fees and exemptions, please refer to the specific table.



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